Platinum Conference Management | M.I.C.E

At Platinum Tours and travel, we'll enrich your event committee with a team of talented experts, resources and management systems that are second to none, and you'll get to know all our people by name. Clearly our approach to conference management is to regard every delegate, speaker, presenter, sponsor and exhibitor as a client. From first enquiry onwards, we will treat everyone connected to your event with courtesy, efficiency and warmth.We also Offer a complete and Innovative meeting Management with a team approach and our services are designated in the development, and delivery of quality conferences, Meetings, Workshops, seminars

Our comprehensive range of facilities catering to all types of meetings and conferencesare as follows:

  1. Conference equipment
  2. Effective Communications
  3. Meet and Assist
  4. Airport Transfers
  5. Hotel accommodation
  6. Travel Insurance and Visas
  7. Short Holiday and Excursions
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